[WikiEN-l] Flickr tells the SEOs to go away too

Charlotte Webb charlottethewebb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 18:53:37 UTC 2008

On 2/25/08, Ian Woollard <ian.woollard at gmail.com> wrote:
> I still say that the wikipedia needs a mechanism to turn off nofollow
> on selected links; for example links added by, or marked out by high
> edit count users. There needs to be a bot or something that whitelists
> links.

Why even bother? I mean yes, there are a handful of sites which we
consider useful and reliable enough to link to them in a very high
volume, so high that removing "nofollow" would create a conspicuous
spike in the job queue, so high that we've created templates to make
them easier to link to. IMDB comes to mind, but somehow I doubt they
would be bothered enough to care whether links from Wikipedia affect
IMDB's page-rank or whether this would help IMDB pass "Photobucket" in
the top 20. But whether they care or not, why should we?


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