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David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 01:06:06 UTC 2008

On 23/02/2008, Fred Bauder <fredbaud at fairpoint.net> wrote:

> But historically images of Muhammed have been strongly discouraged,
>  generally, he has not been depicted. Examples from Christianity and
>  Europe are not to the point. Christian culture has not focused on this
>  issue while Muslim culture has (at most times and places). Images of Mary
>  and Jesus are common. That they bear little or no relationship to the
>  historical figures is generally not an issue. A phony image of the
>  Prophet of Islam is.

As has been pointed out, he's notable for more than being a prophet.
That's like requiring depictions of L. Ron Hubbard to be from the
Scientologist point of view only.

- d.

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