[WikiEN-l] Sorted

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Sat Feb 23 01:00:19 UTC 2008

>> Then why is it there? What actual purpose does it fill?
> To show this particular general/religious leader has been historically
> depicted.
> We don't even mention that say the image in Pope Linus is somewhat
> unlikely to be historically accurate (the history of the early popes
> is somewhat historically problematicalical). Saul of Tarsus would be
> another one who throws up this issue.
> --
> geni

But historically images of Muhammed have been strongly discouraged,
generally, he has not been depicted. Examples from Christianity and
Europe are not to the point. Christian culture has not focused on this
issue while Muslim culture has (at most times and places). Images of Mary
and Jesus are common. That they bear little or no relationship to the
historical figures is generally not an issue. A phony image of the
Prophet of Islam is.


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