[WikiEN-l] Can we think about trying the "show" solution?

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:39:27 UTC 2008

>  > If you add show/hide tags to [[Muhammad]], how long do you think it
>  > will take for the edit war to start on [[Clitoris]]? I'd give it about
>  > 3 hours...
> Let them, I say. Our editorial quality will not be ruined if articles
>  are structured in such a way that you have to click a button to see a
>  photograph of a clitoris on [[Clitoris]] - nor will it be ruined if
>  you have to click a button to see a photograph of a jackdaw on
>  [[Corvus monedula]], not that I can see anyone caring about that.
>  (Made to look a little sillier, mind you, but then we do plenty of
>  that already!)

You've completely missed my point. I didn't say "How long will it take
for someone to add show/hide tags to [[Clitoris]]?" I said "How long
will it take for the *edit war* to start on [[Clitoris]]?". I'm not
making a judgement on whether or not the images should be hidden, I'm
pointing out that without a policy, we're going to get edit wars, and
those *are* inherently bad.

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