[WikiEN-l] Muhammad image insensitivity?

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 20:13:26 UTC 2008

On 19/02/2008, daniwo59 at aol.com <daniwo59 at aol.com> wrote:
> You know, with all the controversy surrounding the Muhammad images right
> now, it is kind of insensitive to link to an image of Muhammad from the main
> page of Wikipedia.
> Yet, Did you know ... #2 does just that. [[Muhammad in Mecca]]
> So please, reassure me that this was just stupidity, and not just
> insensitivity.

We have no policy against such links, and I very much doubt there is a
consensus for such a policy, so why shouldn't someone put such a link
on the main page? You can't expect people to act differently in order
to accommodate the views of a certain group unless there is an actual
policy (or, at least, consensus for one, depending on your definition
of "policy") telling them to.

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