[WikiEN-l] A call for moderation

Screamer scream at datascreamer.com
Sun Feb 17 23:26:48 UTC 2008

Thomas Dalton wrote:
>> After reviewing your data posted here, and on otrs... and some of my
>> own, I have to rephrase
>> -entire+significant subset
>> I believe however, is is offending a significant subset of people.
>> Enough to where taking this compromise solution maybe both in the
>> interest of the project, and the readership.
> It offends a significant subset of Muslims, I would agree. A
> significant subset of *that* subset will not be happy unless the
> images are removed completely, and this compromise will not help them
> at all. The key question is how many people are offended by the images
> as they are now and would not be offended by them if they were hidden
> in the manner suggested. Do we have any evidence that that is a
> significant number?
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I can't do that, I think significant is a subjective metric here.


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