[WikiEN-l] Samiharris looks like a sock, and everyone suspected

Cool Hand Luke failure.to.communicate at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 09:34:35 UTC 2008

Twenty-six editors have agreed with pretty compelling evidence that
Samiharris is a sock of Mantanmoreland.


Meanwhile, it appears that several prominent users have suspected the
real-world identity of Mantanmoreland since September. We've banned accounts
for suggesting it.


I've expressed by disappointment elsewhere.


I hope not to say anything intemperate, but I'm seething and tired at the

My only hope is that something good comes of this.  Perhaps we should
seriously rethink the concept of pseudonymous editing.  At minimum it might
be wise if all admins could view IP addresses themselves--this whole
allowing-open-proxies-until-we-discover-them policy is an invitation to

Cool Hand Luke

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