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With an  official policy on how to utilise experts. I'm not sure what
it should say,  but I think it is something we need. At the moment,
experts are treated  just like any other editor, which is great from an
ideological point of  view, but isn't actually very useful.>>
We've had the debate on credentials.
In fact there is a user actively writing up an essay on evidence that we  
have no credential policy.
Sounds odd to me personally.  It's like saying "we have no cumquats",  its 
sort of a null statement.
Personally, as a professional researcher, I think we "should" have a method  
by which credential claims can be verified.  But of course I'm biased like  
I also think we should roll back about 90 percent of the bots and the  
low-response action-pages like blacklist, whitelist, etc. where one or two  people 
control the entire apparatus.
Will Johnson


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