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Thank you CW.


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Navou, I've noticed a pattern emerging in your posts. I've taken the
liberty of disambiguating all of the pronouns and such.

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> Desysop east for improving the encyclopedia by technically precluding the
> deletion of the main page?  The proposal [by Tim Starling] is garbage.
> Repectfully,
> Nathan

I obviously don't have a black belt in civility either, but I do know
"garbage" is a needlessly inflammatory way to describe somebody's

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> To clarify my last post [about Tim Starling]...
> In no way am I bringing Tim into disrepute, that is not my intention.  My
> thoughts and concern is on the proposal [to desysop east718] itself,
> not the author [Tim Starling], whom I respect.
> Nathan

If you respected him, you would find a better word than "garbage" to
describe his idea, and you wouldn't continue to criticize him at every

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> As an aside; Perhaps a post [by Tim Starling] to AN/I so that folks
> know the standard here.
> Additionally, has Tim notified [east718] via his talk page?  I'm not
> a block message on Beta's talk either?  Dispute resolution would seem
> to require at least a post on wiki.
> Nathan

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> I understand.  Perhaps a discussion with him on his talk would be better
> than a desysopping.  In no way do I question [Tim Starling's] intelligence
> when I say this: Dispute resolution works wonders.  I don't think
> is apt do this type of thing if he sees [Tim Starling] comment on his talk
> page about it.  Especially a  developer.  [Tim Starling], you use a
> cannonball to kill a mosquito.
> Nathan

I see more jabs interspersed with lip-service.

On 2/4/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wonder if there was a consensus, or discussion about [Tim Starling]'s
> added hook [to prevent deletion of the main page]. Seems sysops
> should be able to delete, move, protect *any* page.  I thought this was
> a mediawiki tradition.
> Nathan

Did you express any of these concerns when the other method was used?


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