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I hit the send button too soon.

Thank you CW.  Let me see if I can't help you debate the stuff, instead of
debating the people here.  I'll try to work through the logical fallacies,
but I ask in the future we keep them to a minimum.  

To your points:

1) I don't think there was a civility issue here.  I criticized the idea as
garbage, and I wholeheartedly believe it is.  

2) The intent behind the follow up message was to inform Tim and the
readership that I was separating Tim's idea from Tim.  Tim is a good faith
contributor to the project in many ways.  Having a garbage idea is ok.  It
is allowed.  It does not make anyone less faithful to the project.

3) I want to encourage posting to folks talk pages rather than asking for
desysoppings.  I want to encourage dispute resolution.  This was not jabbish
or lipservice.

4) I did not express a concern regarding the injection of null edits into
the main page, I do express concern with changing the code of MediaWiki.
This list however may not be the proper venue.

Your characterization of my behavior in no way delegitimizes my argument.
Try not to poison the well here.

Nathan (Navou)

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Navou, I've noticed a pattern emerging in your posts. I've taken the
liberty of disambiguating all of the pronouns and such.

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> Desysop east for improving the encyclopedia by technically precluding the
> deletion of the main page?  The proposal [by Tim Starling] is garbage.
> Repectfully,
> Nathan

I obviously don't have a black belt in civility either, but I do know
"garbage" is a needlessly inflammatory way to describe somebody's

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> To clarify my last post [about Tim Starling]...
> In no way am I bringing Tim into disrepute, that is not my intention.  My
> thoughts and concern is on the proposal [to desysop east718] itself,
> not the author [Tim Starling], whom I respect.
> Nathan

If you respected him, you would find a better word than "garbage" to
describe his idea, and you wouldn't continue to criticize him at every

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> As an aside; Perhaps a post [by Tim Starling] to AN/I so that folks
> know the standard here.
> Additionally, has Tim notified [east718] via his talk page?  I'm not
> a block message on Beta's talk either?  Dispute resolution would seem
> to require at least a post on wiki.
> Nathan

On 2/3/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> I understand.  Perhaps a discussion with him on his talk would be better
> than a desysopping.  In no way do I question [Tim Starling's] intelligence
> when I say this: Dispute resolution works wonders.  I don't think
> is apt do this type of thing if he sees [Tim Starling] comment on his talk
> page about it.  Especially a  developer.  [Tim Starling], you use a
> cannonball to kill a mosquito.
> Nathan

I see more jabs interspersed with lip-service.

On 2/4/08, NavouWiki <navouwiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wonder if there was a consensus, or discussion about [Tim Starling]'s
> added hook [to prevent deletion of the main page]. Seems sysops
> should be able to delete, move, protect *any* page.  I thought this was
> a mediawiki tradition.
> Nathan

Did you express any of these concerns when the other method was used?


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