[WikiEN-l] Defeat: Notability is Policy

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 2 04:36:43 UTC 2008

Steven Walling wrote:
>> actively destroying much of the information that was aggregated into it
> You're talking about the unreferenced, un-useful and embarrassing
> information that was aggregated in to it.

No I'm not. Maybe unreferenced in many cases, but not unreferenceable - 
merely works in progress.

Also, "embarrassing and unuseful" _to whom_? Can I also nominate 
articles that I, myself, consider unuseful to be deleted?

> Those of you who keep railing
> about the "evil trend of deletionism" convienently forget that much of the
> deleted articles are in direct violation of policies that have nothing to do
> with notability.

If they can be deleted for reasons other than notability, why do you 
need notability to delete them?

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