[WikiEN-l] Defeat: Notability is Policy

Philip Sandifer snowspinner at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 00:11:41 UTC 2008

On Feb 1, 2008, at 7:08 PM, Steven Walling wrote:
> Why? It is something we must do. I guess the difference is that  
> people like
> you think it's just "not a bad idea"  and a necessary evil. I think it
> improves the encyclopedia.  Seeing crap stubs that have sat uncited  
> and
> untouched for years go down the tube is a relief. I don't have to  
> worry
> about some newspaperman latching on to them or little billy getting  
> an F
> over them.

Deleting our way to encyclopedic coverage still seems like fucking for  
chastity to me.


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