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Wed Jul 25 15:50:19 UTC 2007

"Fred Bauder" wrote

> It isn't so much that he's wrong, but how much can you learn about WIKIPEDIA by interviewing Larry Sanders and the management of Britannica? David Gerard had to show him the edit button... The piece reflects more on the reliability and integrity of the BBC than on that of Wikipedia. It was amateurish. However a nice note at the end encouraging people to edit, "It's your encyclopedia".

The piece was fine. Radio 4 is the "Middle England" channel. It won't have put a single person off Wikipedia, and it struck me as more than fair to the site. 'Amateurish' - no, that mistakes the tone. I would hazard that the average age of listeners to Radio 4 might be over 50, so that technology is approached very gently and discursively.


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