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I don't know the subject, so I can't say if its notable or fairly presented,
but it can certainly be characterized rather than repeated, and the exact
language isn't an essential integral part of it. 

If the words are justified, fine, but in this case they don't add much; they
just signify "Ferrara was angry". So I've had a go at re-presenting the same
quote slightly differently. Any better?


FT2 :)

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Re: Signifying Rapper

Would some editor apart from myself care to look at this article for a
second opinion? I have doubts on the inclusion of an external quote
which refers to Jimmy Page as a "cocksucker", a "prick" and implies he
is a thief. Wikipedia doesn't censor in regard to language but I find
the tone of that quote inappropriate, unbalanced and opinionated for
an encyclopaedia. Maybe it's just me but I would like another opinion
on the inclusion of that passage.


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