[WikiEN-l] Proposed {{prod}} for articles with no sources

White Cat wikipedia.kawaii.neko at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 09:59:59 UTC 2007

  I personally started quite a number of stubs myself. Although they are
trivial to cite (the cities are there for example), I do not have that kind
of time. Citing a source proving weather that a city (or country) exists or
not takes fewer clicks and time than tagging the page, waiting a full 30
days, verifying that page never had sources (vandals may have intentionally
removed the source links), and actualy deleting it... If you want to go on a
delete craze, you are welcome to exercise it more productively on orphaned
fair use images and etc where the deletion is clearly warranted for legal
reasons if nothing else.
  This is really "curing the patient by killing". You would be solving the
symptoms but the patient will not be benefiting from it.
  Unsourced articles shouldn't be prodded. Prod is going the same road AFD
went some 2 years ago. Please do not kill this process as well.

    - White Cat

On 7/18/07, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
> Giggy wrote:
> >The proposal only requires one source.  It doesn't take 30 days to find
> >that.  I seriously doubt that if this proposal goes ahead, any article
> that
> >actually passes [[WP:V]] will be deleted in it, because all of them will
> be
> >cited by someone who's watching them (at some stage)
> >
> If it's so easy to do why can't the people pushing this proposal just
> find one.  Either they're too goddamn lazy to do it themselves, or they
> are insisting that the original contributor do it just to be dicks.
> It gets very tiresome when a gang of nitwits insists on sources that
> they don't understand, just for the sake of having sources.  These guys
> might as well use their personal stack of comic books as references for
> any random article.
> There are at least two librarians posting to this list, and both have
> supported cautious and informed views about handling these issues.
> If those who are mad with the power of deletion took a little time to
> fix these articles the encyclopedia would get better faster.  The
> already constructive editors would also be able to do more because they
> wouldn't need to spend half of their time looking over their shoulder to
> see what the immature are trying to delete next.
> Ec
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