[WikiEN-l] Removal of unsourced material

jf_wikipedia jf_wikipedia at mac.com
Thu Jul 12 02:28:22 UTC 2007

There is a discussion at ...

...  in which proposals are being made to remove unsourced content  
from articles and/or delete articles all together if material is not  
sourced within 30 days after placing a warning template.

I am no inclusionist, but I see this as a dangerous narrow  
application of policy that may cost us a lot of lost content that  
*is* verifiable.

My view is that editors should endeavor in *looking for sources*  
rather than deleting content that is not sourced. After all, we are  
here to build an encyclopedia,  and the tens of thousands of  
occasional contributors that do not know of our policies, are after  
all, those that *add* most of the new material to our project.

-- Jossi

[[User:Jossi]]  @ en.wiki

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