[WikiEN-l] Disgusting behavior on AN:I

Daniel R. Tobias dan at tobias.name
Wed Jul 11 12:38:26 UTC 2007

On 10 Jul 2007 at 10:50:55 +0100, Guy Chapman aka JzG 
<guy.chapman at spamcop.net> wrote:

> If people don't want MONGO to snap at them they might consider not
> baiting him.  The ED trolls (of whom there have been several) are not
> gentle cuddly fluffy types.  Neither are the conspiracy POV-pushers.

I think that one can say with similar validity that if MONGO wants 
people to stop attacking and trolling him, maybe he and his friends 
should stop the acts of incivility that bring on such attacks, and 
the feeding of the trolls that eggs them on to continue it?  It takes 
two to tango.

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