[WikiEN-l] My favorite Wikipedia article ever

Vee vee.be.me at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 09:40:21 UTC 2007

On 07/07/07, K P <kpbotany at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's an article about a crash that didn't happen, to two planes on
> two different runways, although apparently one is in the take-off line
> of the other, where there were no injuries or damages to either
> aircraft that didn't crash into each other, with speculation about a
> controller error, and no NTSB report yet issued.
> I love Wikipedia, Britannica eat your hear out.
> Republic Airlines flight 4912 & SkyWest Airlines flight 5741
> KP
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hehe i love it. i don't really care about 'notability', it's interesting and
deleting it would be pointless as it would still be kept in our databases.
why hide an otherwise acceptable article?

deletion really should be saved for stuff that is just absolute crap. ("y0uR
M0M!!!!!!" vandalism, etc etc)

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