[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"onattackkkkk site link policy

Fred Bauder fredbaud at waterwiki.info
Fri Jul 6 10:50:40 UTC 2007

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>On 7/6/07, Slim Virgin <slimvirgin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 7/5/07, Daniel R. Tobias <dan at tobias.name> wrote:
>> > On 5 Jul 2007 at 21:19:57 +0000, "Fred Bauder" <fredbaud at waterwiki.info>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> > > Referring to an active remedy as "vague statements" is essentially a
>> > > declaration that she was free to ignore them. A mistake as they remain
>> > > valid, although there is some doubt they apply to this particular
>> > > edit.
>> >
>> > Well, "Ignore All Rules" is an active policy, as is "Be Bold". And you
>> state yourself that
>> > ArbCom doesn't make policy, and at times appear to believe that the
>> ArbCom ruling in
>> > question doesn't apply to what she did in this case (though you seem to
>> change your mind on
>> > this as often as the weather changes where I live in South Florida).
>> >
>> Dan, what you see as Fred changing his mind is in fact him expressing
>> a nuanced view that balances the different concerns. It's perfectly
>> coherent and very much welcomed.
>While I agree that Fred's recent statements on the issue have been a breath
>of fresh air, I would not exactly call them "coherent" considering they flat
>out contradict Fred's previous statements (which imply that the MONGO ruling
>applies not only to ED but to other sites), but at the same time deny that
>there is any such inconsistency. It seems to me as if Fred has not
>completely made up his mind yet.

Astute observation. It took quite a while for the insight develop that protecting our productive editors and administrators from harassment has a higher priority than keeping critics happy. Our productive editors and administrators are our "workers" and keeping them content, happy, and free from harassment has the highest priority. Protecting and encouraging legitimate criticism comes not far behind though. 


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