[WikiEN-l] WikiEN-l Digest, Vol 48, Issue 18

Daniel R. Tobias dan at tobias.name
Tue Jul 3 10:45:34 UTC 2007

On 3 Jul 2007 at 01:41:24 +0300, White Cat wrote:

> Oh really? How is the follwing a constructive comment? Since when is
> demanding civility does not end well? Do I really need to have "list mod
> powerz" to request civility?
>     "If you don't understand the importance of getting details right, should
> you be editing Wikipedia?"

It was a somewhat flippant remark, the sort that livens up this 
sometimes-dull list a little, just like your own comments soon 

On 3 Jul 2007 at 01:45:00 +0300, White Cat wrote:

> Yea, I mean people demanding civility must be permanently blocked...

So apparently you're reserving to yourself alone the right to be 
smart-ass in responses here?

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