[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"onattackkkkk site link policy

Slim Virgin slimvirgin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 04:53:39 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, The Mangoe <the.mangoe at gmail.com> wrote:
> The NYT case is excessive; but it only sticks out because IAR steps in
> and says that nobody can take erasing all links to the NYT seriously.
> It's OK to erase links to any crticial site because people can say
> these sites are bad and get away with it. In the case of TNH the story
> that her blog was an attack site couldn't be seriously sustained-- but
> it didn't stop someone from trying.
The person who did that got upset because he was outed, and he reacted
badly, which he later admitted. It was a very human response, and it's
unfair to keep on using it as a weapon.

What we're talking about is very simple. We have a bunch of people who
volunteer their time because Wikipedia's a cause they believe in.
That's not a bad thing to do. Therefore, don't make their time here an
abject misery. Criticize them by all means. But recognize the line
between fair comment and hurtful attacks that humiliate them. And
don't do anything on Wikipedia that could put them in harm's way in
real life.

For me, it's a no brainer that that includes not linking to websites
that *make a habit* of humiliating their targets. It's very sad that a
simple attempt to be decent triggered so much baiting and an unkind
breaching experiment.

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