[WikiEN-l] Reverting without reading - another example

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Thu Oct 26 06:00:39 UTC 2006

The Uninvited Co., Inc wrote:
> Greg Maxwell has made the point earlier that if, as a community, we want
> to revert any large block deletions by IPs without edit summaries, we
> would be better served to modify one of the many existing bots to do so
> rather than encourage people to do it.  And I believe that Greg and I
> are in agreement that such blind reversions are a bad thing, regardless
> of whether they are performed by people or bots.  People should be
> expected to read, particularly so in an era when we have so many
> anti-vandalism bots operating.

While it's certainly nice for people to read all edits, on the flip 
side, people should be expected to post at least a few words in the edit 
summary, especially for significant changes.  Something like "deleting 
rant" would be sufficient.  Making large changes without so much as a 
single word in comment (in either the edit summary or talk page) is 
rather discourteous.


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