[WikiEN-l] Where to discuss best approach to deal with defamitory article?

bksimonb simon at bkinfo.net
Wed Oct 11 19:30:59 UTC 2006

Hi Oldak ,
Thanks for responding.

As the article stands there are factual inaccuracies, uncited or poorly
cited statements and allegations, sarcastic wording, bias and "weazel

This has been discussed at length in the discussion pages but no one who has
tried can get anywhere without being dismissed, ignored and abused. If you
like I can expand on this with links, examples and quotes.

I would just like to discuss strategy for dealing with this. I know
Wikipedia has it's own systems, which I am following, but I am also looking
for a suitable forum to just talk with other wikipedians as to where best to
channel time and energy into this.

For example, for this particular case,

Do I take one point at a time and only discuss that one point?

Do I refute every questionable point in the article all at once (a lot of

Is it the right time to involve mediators?

If so what are the pros and cons of the official mediating team vs the
mediation cabal?

Is the editor in question's behavior so blatant I should go straight to the

As part of an organisation, where is the line between raising awareness of
this issue and encouraging "meatpuppets"?

If this is the wrong forum then I am open to suggestions for a more
appropriate place to discuss this.

Thanks & regards

Oldak Quill wrote:
> On 11/10/06, bksimonb <simon at bkinfo.net> wrote:
>> I tried reasoning with the main editor but as I, and others who have
>> tried,
>> have found that the guy acts like a tyrant and won't budge an inch. Even
>> to
>> the extent of reverting NPOV warnings.
> I haven't looked at the article in question but reverting NPOV warnings
> can
> be justified if the article is already seemingly NPOV.
> What do you suggest is wrong with the article as it stands?
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