[WikiEN-l] [[Wikipedia:Attribution]]: a proposal

Guy Chapman aka JzG guy.chapman at spamcop.net
Wed Oct 11 10:06:03 UTC 2006

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 23:53:02 -0500, Sarah <slimvirgin at gmail.com>

>In response to the concerns about Wikipedia:Reliable sources and
>previous concerns expressed about NOR and V, I've put up a proposal
>that No original research and Verifiability be combined into one new
>content policy: [[Wikipedia:Attribution]].

NOR and V are important in and of themselves (and need to be much
shorter).  Attribution has the potential to replace RS and about 2/3
of each of NOR and V, which would be good.  As a descriptive guideline
it has great potential.  I don't see it replacing the prescriptive
policies, but it certainly augments them well.

Guy (JzG)

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