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MacGyverMagic/Mgm macgyvermagic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 07:36:25 UTC 2006

I understood backlog to mean a horrible amount of work that cannot be done
by a few admins working in tandem in a single go. 100 seems to be a good
cut-off. But we should have things deleted before the cat hits that number.

I think backlogs in CSD are caused by one of three things:
1) Too little admins online to work on it.
2) Mass creation of deleteable articles after press attention.
3) Mistagging for speedy when it should be deleted with an alternative

On 10/6/06, Rory Stolzenberg <rory096 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Posted simultaneously at WT:RFA
> I just saw the current message above the backlog tag at CAT:CSD. It reads:
> <!-- Remove the comments around the line below this message (Adminbacklog)
> to add a backlog tag. To remove the backlog tag, put comments tags around
> it. Usually, the tag is added if there are 100 or more articles (or 200
> articles & images combined) in this category. -->
> When did it become acceptable to have 100 articles or 200 total things in
> CAT:CSD? Since we now have backlogs more often, that means we should raise
> the criteria for what is actually a backlog? Is this why we're
> unnecessarily
> raising our standards on RfA, because if we don't have as many "backlogs,"
> but still have just as many pages waiting to be processed, then we don't
> need as many admins? This is appalling. We might as well stop promoting
> admins and just delete the backlog tag, then we wouldn't have any
> "backlogs"
> and nobody would have to do anything! Wouldn't that be nice? Ugh. This is
> just silly. We need to stop dicking around and start actually being
> productive. We're here to run an encyclopaedia, not pretend we're doing so
> and accomplishing absolutely nothing.
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