[WikiEN-l] Quitting Wikipedia and wanted you to know why.

Parker Peters onmywayoutster at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 19:25:57 UTC 2006

> >There are other edits I would consider POV pushing, but here's the thing:
> >that is NOT an excuse to institute an indefinite block. That's a reason
> to
> >teach the user about our policies and try to get them working as a
> >productive editor.
> Except that the username makes it perfectly plain that this is a
> reincarnation.

Then it should be blocked as a username block, and appropriate messages
sent, no?

That the blocking admin did nothing to inform the user of the fact that it
was a username block the first time, makes it problematic, no?

  I leave it to the admins active on that particular
> article to identify who is the puppet master here, but it is more than
> plausible that this is a lock-evading sock of an unrepentant POV
> pusher.

Plausible? Perhaps. But we Assume Good Faith here, not act trigger-happy on
anything we can come up with that we call "plausible."

  I recently had a very calm and civil discussion with an
> editor who got blocked in similar way, I asked his patience while we
> ran CheckUser and thanked him for it when I had enough evidence to
> unblock.

Nobody was civil to this user, and nobody asked his patience or anything;
they just went gung-ho attacking.

  The blocking admin was content to admit the mistake.

A rarity, but good to hear.

  It's nice to assume good faith, but sometimes when yet another "brand new
> user" pops up it can be asking a bit much.

It's policy.

  Sure, we make mistakes,
> but by far the most common mistake is extending too much benefit of
> the doubt to people who are simply not here to help build a neutral
> encyclopaedia.

I disagree. I think the most common mistake is the refusal to extend good
faith and the refusal to be civil in all instances.

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