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Kat Walsh mindspillage at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 15:50:08 UTC 2006

On 10/6/06, MacGyverMagic/Mgm <macgyvermagic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some adminship requests get opposed because the user aren't familiar in a
> specific field of administrator work. If we could specifically give people
> the tools they have the knowledge for, more requests would succeed. Perhaps
> it's time to run that plan to give people separate admin tools.

I think it's somewhat ridiculous to oppose an admin candidate for not
showing obvious familiarity with some aspect of admin work that s/he
may not even be interested in. (Opposing for showing that someone has
repeatedly gone about it all wrong is a different matter.) I expect
that anyone who has acted reasonably and responsibly in whatever they
have done to that point will not suddenly go crazy when approaching a
new task, and whatever beginners' mistakes may be made by someone who
is generally acting like a reasonable person are probably easy to fix.
No one should *have* to know everything before becoming an admin, just
show themselves willing and able to find out how to do something
before doing it.

who would be content to have adminship only for deleting and viewing
deleted pages, really

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