[WikiEN-l] Corporate vanity policy enforcement

Akash Mehta draicone at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 11:54:08 UTC 2006

> Act in a much more draconian fashion
What is it with my username and its various variations?

> When they see new usernames and page creation which are blatantly commercial - shoot on sight.
I'm sure too many sysops are being cautious about such actions. If
there's general agreement, this needs to be emphasised as policy to
sysops for it to really take effect.

In terms of patrolling this, could we somehow tag all corporation
newpages with a specific category? I develop a vandal fighting tool
called MWT (See [[WP:MWT]]), essentially a lightweight recent changes
patroller on wheels. One of its strengths is being able to easily grab
recent changes to articles in a particular category (actually a
feature of recent changes itself, but lacking from other vandal
fighters). I'm sure we could release a build for patrolling articles
on corporations for vanity.

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