[WikiEN-l] cancelation of the deletion review of the satanism userbox

Tony Sidaway f.crdfa at gmail.com
Wed May 31 20:26:49 UTC 2006

this was a deletion review, with a view to restoration, of a userbox
that said the owner was a satanist.  I have canceled it on the grounds
that such a template could only bring the project into disrepute.

I'm confident that this is best for Wikipedia. I don't think the goal
of producing a high quality encyclopedia can be served by encouraging,
though the provision of templates saying "I'm a satanist" and the
like, the use of Wikipedia's website for social networking and
coordination of work between adherents of satanism. It could only
bring the whole enterprise into disrepute to permit such abuse.
Therefore it's inappropriate to hold a DRV-style debate where
traditionally the item is restored if a certain proportion of editors
vote to restore it. We cannot make such a decision on the basis of
votes. Perhaps a discussion on the talk page of the template might be
appropriate, though I think it would require a very strong case to be
made for this particular template

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