[WikiEN-l] Aww, so cute, a banned user is trying to take us down with a DMCA notice (Forwarded email)

Will "Sceptre" Noble tintower at tintower.tk
Mon May 29 18:46:24 UTC 2006

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pce3 at ij.net <pce3 at ij.net>
Date: May 29, 2006 7:42 PM
Subject: Wikipedia e-mail
To: Sceptre <sceptre at tintower.co.uk>

Wikimedia Foundation Web Site Takedown Notice

The copyright owner herein provides notice to the Wikimedia Foundation in
accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove or disable
access to the web pages listed below:

1.) Name, address, and electronic signature of the complaining party

Patrick Eberhart, 1911 E Clinton St, Tampa, Florida 33610

Pce3 at ij.net Wikipedia User ID 1219911

2.) The infringing materials and their Internet location
[512(c)(3)(A)(ii-iii)], or if the service provider is an "information
location tool" such as a search engine, the reference or link to the
infringing materials [512(d)(3)].


3.) Sufficient information to identify the copyrighted works

3.a.) Optimal classification and Talk:Optimal classifcation

3.b.) Harvard Chart Method of Logical Equation Reduction and Talk: Harvard
Chart Method of Logical Equation Reduction

4.) Statement by the owner that he has a good faith belief that there is no
legal basis for the use of the materials complained of [512(c)(3)(A)(v)].

4.a) I belief that the Wikimedia foundation has no legal basis for use of
the materials cited above against my stated will and instructions and
withdrawal of any and all prior permissions. – Patrick Eberhart

5.) A statement of the accuracy of the notice and, under penalty of perjury,
that the complaining party is authorized to act on the behalf of the owner

5.a) The information contained herein is accurate to the best of my
knowledge. I am the author and owner of the above cited material. –Patrick

The Wikimedia Foundation is hereafter required to expeditiously remove, or
disable access to the material.


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