[WikiEN-l] In which Snowspinner pwns WR.

Theresa Knott theresaknott at gmail.com
Tue May 23 21:33:08 UTC 2006

> > No WR look like complete twats over this.
> WR isn't as homongenous as all that. Some of them are wacko to begin with.

That's true.

> Nevertheless, Snowspinner got harassed by the fuzz and WR didn't.

That's also true, if the press picks up on this story though, who
knows. Phil could do very well out of this.

> Personally, I can take any amount of clever dick criticism coming over email
> or the web, but get a couple of policefolk sitting down at my kitchen table
> and hamfistedly investigating my life, and it's no longer fun.

Short lived though. Uncormfotable while they are there, certainly but
warm and fuzzy when you get the support of your univesity professors.

> > Can't say
> > > that I'll lose any sleep over Snowspinner being grilled by
> > the cops,
> > > though. Look at his behaviour to other editors suspected of
> > > wikicrimes.
> >
> > Let's see he blocks them from editing a website?
> That, too.

Has he ever accused them of being murderers to thier universities?

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