[WikiEN-l] Fwd: [Wikitech-l] Special:Contributions: index missing?

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Tue May 23 12:45:57 UTC 2006

There's been some discussion on a development mailing list regarding
the namespace selector in contributions pages, which is expensive due
to our schema arrangement.

One of our database administrators has posed this question, which I
thought I'd forward to this list, since it's full of users.

Rob Church

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From: Domas Mituzas <midom.lists at gmail.com>
Date: 23-May-2006 11:28
Subject: Re: [Wikitech-l] Special:Contributions: index missing?
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It can be a task for tool server, and can be as well derived from our
xml dumps.

We have all that information in recentchanges (without an index for
this exact operation), but even then, I'm not convinced it has to be
used his way.

What is the point of per-namespace contribution feature on live site?
What are the applications of it?


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