[WikiEN-l] 911

BJörn Lindqvist bjourne at gmail.com
Tue May 23 09:03:00 UTC 2006

> > Phil, the burden of proof is upon you to show that Wikipedia, in its
> > rules and policies, is "concerned with contributors editing Wikipedia
> > to further a political agenda."
> Read: "[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]]".

Done. Now you read the mails I'm writing.

> > In fact, if it was disallowed, then a
> > large porition of Wikipedia's users would be banned, including
> > abuhamza1970 and his opponents. You too, would be banned.
> No I wouldn't. My only agenda in editing Wikipedia is to provide a
> neutral encyclopedia.

If you say so..

> > It is very
> > unprofessional of you, and others, to accuse abuhamza1970 to be
> > "furthering a political agenda" when you are also guilty of the same
> > "crime."
> Please, if you think I'm trying to further a political agenda,
> provide evidence of your accusations, or take them back. Personal
> attacks and libel are not welcome on Wikipedia.

The political agenda you have been advocating on this list is pretty
obvious. I don't have the time to go through all your edits on
Wikipedia, but this one,
is pretty telling.

mvh Björn

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