[WikiEN-l] Blocked user Thewolfstar creating "legitimate" sockpuppets?

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Mon May 22 12:49:28 UTC 2006

Just good advice. Except for a few users with fixed ips any banned  
user who creates a new account and edits in a responsible way is  
essentially "under our radar" and undetectable. But of course, as the  
reason for indefinite banning is persistent bad behavior, this course  
of action is unavailable simply for the purpose of indefinitely  
continuing the behavior which got the user banned in the first place.  
Thewolfstar, aka Dot_Bitch for that reason seems quite unable to  
avail herself of this loophole.


On May 22, 2006, at 4:51 AM, Prasad J wrote:

> I was conversing to the indefinitely blocked user Thewolfstar (which I
> believe is her username) and she claims that Bishnonen in this message
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
> User_talk:Dot_Bitch#Indefinite_username_block
> is urging her to create sockpuppets to evade the block. I'm very
> doubtful of Maggie's (which is apparently Thewolfstar's name) claim
> and, since Maggie is a somewhat notorious troll, would suggest that an
> Administrator look into it. Amggie wused to troll the mailing-list
> under the e-mail ID thewolfstar at gmail.com and contact at earthhope.net
> but was apparently blocked. She was also indefeintely blocked from
> Wikipedia after the Community agreed that she was trolling and pushing
> her point-of-view.
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