[WikiEN-l] jaygy and indefinate ban

Rob gamaliel8 at gmail.com
Mon May 22 07:02:12 UTC 2006

On 5/22/06, Sarah <slimvirgin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Apart from the reverting, the 3RR violation, the sockpuppetry, the
> copyright violation, the repeated unsourced insertion that a serial
> killer was Jewish, and the all-round obsession with Jews, there was
> this comment in response to an October 2004 post from banned user
> Alberuni (who had similar problems): "well he [Jayjg] seems to be
> stalking me to put his zionist POV, saladin, but never mind this is to
> be expected of zionists."
> http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Occupied_Palestinian_Territories&diff=prev&oldid=53820887
> This is exactly the kind of comment and attitude we can do without.

Don't think I don't entirely agree, but I was trying to get through to
him that wikilaywering and threats of a mass uprising won't help his
case.  His case, such as it is, depends upon him convincing us that
he's not here to use Wikipedia to fight Jews.  I don't think he's
convinced anyone of that yet, but he's not going to do it by arguing
about fair use.

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