[WikiEN-l] Proposed deletion stakhanovites

Drini drini wpdrini at gmail.com
Sun May 21 22:49:48 UTC 2006

On 5/21/06, charles matthews <charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Proposed deletion patroller [[User:Wompa99]] impressively is able to
> review
> proposals and tag them within 20 seconds.
> We should be eternally grateful for such productivity.  Our norms will be
> trebly overfulfilled.
> Actually, to tell the truth, I'm royally annoyed that [[cultural
> pessimism]], which I started a while ago but interwikis to a solid de-WP
> article, is being given the proposed OR proposed deletion treatment.
> User:Wompa99 has also okayed proposed deletion of [[Derivation of the
> partition function]].
> This is pretty nonsensical, someone going down a list in alphabetical
> order.
> Can we have a plie-on to halt the nonsense here, please?
> Charles
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I've ran in to the newly created "prod patrol" before.

first for deleting an article 3 hours before the 5th day
They say policy states a prod must have a 360 hours grace period, so you
CANNOT delete a prodded article on the 5th day, but you must wait until the
6th, just so be sure that all articles (specially those tagged late night)
get 360 hours.

it annoyed me more so since they agreed the article was crap, and should
have been deleted, they were complaining I didn't wait a few hours more.

they also posted on WP:AN that *gasp* the prod count of some day was off by
ONE!! somebody messed up with the proposed deletion process! alert all

I guess since I'm not putting the "prod patrol" userbox on my page, I'm no
longer qualified to deal with prods.

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