[WikiEN-l] blocked for a week for these edits

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun May 21 03:37:17 UTC 2006

Philip Welch wrote:

>On May 20, 2006, at 6:11 AM, Sarah wrote:
>>>If it was reliably established that he was Jewish, there would be no
>>>problem. Since it isn't reliably established, reporting that he was
>>>Jewish, or that he might be Jewish, constitutes anti-Semitism.
>>The only reference I've found to Harold Shipman being Jewish is a BBC
>>news site reporting a comment by [[Abu Hamza al-Masri]], an Islamist
>>cleric in the UK, who was convicted in February of racial hatred and
>>incitement to murder. Abu Hamza told the court that the British
>>Foreign Office and media are controlled by Jews, and part of his
>>evidence was that, referring to Harold Shipman, "If a doctor kills 250
>>of his patients there is not a single word about his religion."
>So he publicly identifies with a notorious Islamist and anti-Semite.  
>3,000 people in my country were murdered five years ago in the name  
>of those attitudes. He should be banned indefinitely just as we would  
>ban a neo-Nazi who made similar anti-Semitic edits. These people do  
>not belong in our community.
I just look through [[Abu Hamza al-Masri]] and find no mention of a 
connection with the 9/11 incident.  Your reference to it appears to be 
for no other purpose than incitement.  Admittedly bombs or planes rigged 
to be bombs can kill people, but attitudes do not.

As for Shipman, I agree that his religion in probably irrelevant to his 
notoriety.  Whether he follows Judaism or the Anglican state 
superstition should not matter.


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