[WikiEN-l] New Post to SlimVirgin and many of my posts bounce forno reason

Dan Rosenthal swatjester at gmail.com
Sat May 20 18:45:51 UTC 2006

Never had a mediation process? What a load of nonsense. You had no less than
3 mediators trying to help you: Me, Merecat, and Tijuana Brass. I defended
you on AN/I, said that you had potential as a contributing editor if you
could see the error of your ways. You've repeatedly shown that you have no
interest whatsoever in doing so. And the personally sent troll email you
sent to me, yeah that was real nice too. Don't pretend the system hasn't
worked for you. You haven't worked for the system.


On 5/20/06, Earthhope Action Network <contact at earthhopenetwork.net> wrote:
> Hi Peter, thanks for your email. I cannot stay around here because I am
> banned indefinitley. I would like to still edit at Wikipedia. But I don't
> know how to go about it the process that will allow this.
> I would like to get a mediation process, a thing I like many people, have
> never had.
> Again, Peter
> Thanks! Maggie thewolfstar
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> > Also, to moderators, many of my posts have been held back
> > for no reason. These same posts were never included in the
> > list posts. I expect the same respect on this list that
> > anyone else gets.
> It's not a conspiracy. Well, not as much as you might imagine, anyway. I'm
> a
> regular poster here who has been moderated from time to time (and indeed
> booted right off the list at least once).
> Why don't you suck up your pride, learn how we operate and use the system
> to
> your advantage? Sure and it's all a corrupt clique of rouge
> administrators,
> but what you need to remember is that Wikipedia is just a website, and
> that's the way things operate here. Play by our rules and be happy, or go
> off and complain about it. Either way it makes no difference and we've
> seen
> it all before.
> But, believe it or not, we'd rather you stayed around as a useful
> contributor.
> --Peter (Skyring)
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