[WikiEN-l] blocked for a week for these edits

abu hamza abuhamza1970 at hotmail.com
Sat May 20 13:26:31 UTC 2006

Abu means father of , and my son is called hamza . Is this more muddying the 
water that my name is called abu hamza? You just wrote a whole article 
complaining about people writing stuff like "is one of the 'British friends' 
of the "Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress,". And in the same 
breath you write this is saladin (posting here as abu hamza) . Note the 

But let us not muddy the water. Currently i am on a ban for over a week, 
after having only been here for 3 days. And the ban being my first ban (tom 
harrison was for the same 3rr).

So far you have suggested i made copyright violations - can you cite them 

you then have suggested i use the wrong references -  i was never informed 
that references to wikipedia pages or personal home pages are not allowed. 
one would in all fairness expect some kind of warning before i was 
permanently banned (initially)

In fact just in the last day, i have been accused of being an antisemite by 
philip for opposing political zionism. I have been accused of copy right 
violations, of making no useful contributions, of using the name abu hamza.

Is it a case of throwing enough mud so that it sticks?   There is no basis 
for a ban, other than my section on zionism, which is all factual and 

"The three talmudic Oaths

The major historical Jewish rabbis, including those in Cordoba recognised 
there were preconditions to moving to israel in accordance with the Talmud. 
These included the three oaths, that jews would not be unduly persecuted, 
that all nations would approve the return from exodus, and that no force was 
to be used.threeoaths Because of these conditions millions of Jews exiled 
from Europe, Russia since the 9th century have prefered to emmigrate to 
neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran.History 
of the Jews in Turkey The population of Jews in Palestine at the turn of the 
20th century was just tens of thousands.macrohistory Many Orthodox Jews 
vehemently oppose the return from exile as they argue the conditions have 
not been met. In particular the second oath wherebye just 2/3rds of the UN 
general Assembly voted in favour of a recommendation for a two state 
solution , and All the neighbouring states opposed the creation. 
Historically the vast number of jews have opposed political zionism, based 
on these judaic rulings."

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>Subject: Re: [WikiEN-l] blocked for a week for these edits
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>On 5/20/06, Philip Welch <wikipedia at philwelch.net> wrote:
>  > If it was reliably established that he was Jewish, there would be no
> > problem. Since it isn't reliably established, reporting that he was
> > Jewish, or that he might be Jewish, constitutes anti-Semitism.
>The only reference I've found to Harold Shipman being Jewish is a BBC
>news site reporting a comment by [[Abu Hamza al-Masri]], an Islamist
>cleric in the UK, who was convicted in February of racial hatred and
>incitement to murder. Abu Hamza told the court that the British
>Foreign Office and media are controlled by Jews, and part of his
>evidence was that, referring to Harold Shipman, "If a doctor kills 250
>of his patients there is not a single word about his religion."
>This is the attitude that User:Saladin1970 (posting here as Abu Hamza)
>brings to Wikipedia. We see it a lot. A few weeks ago, another user,
>User:Jamaissur, created a number of articles about British Jews who
>were caught up in a financial scandal. There were other people caught
>up in it too, but he didn't create articles about them, only the
>Jewish ones, and some of the articles ended up consisting only of the
>allegations with practically no other information. When he couldn't
>find a source saying they were Jews, he'd add things like "is one of
>the 'British friends' of the "Israel Center for Social and Economic
>Progress," which made the same point.
>Or that the person was married to someone whose father was Jewish. He
>even created an article about the charity [[Jewish care]] because one
>of the men caught up in the scandal was a major fundraiser, and for a
>while that's all the page said: British charity, looks after Jewish
>people, controversial Lord X was a major fundraiser.
>Even if Harold Shipman was Jewish and there's a good source for it,
>there's no reason it should be in the intro. His ethnicity/religion
>wasn't in any way relevant to his notabilty.
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