[WikiEN-l] Getting rid of bad fair use

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat May 20 09:10:03 UTC 2006

geni wrote:

>On 5/19/06, Anthony DiPierro <wikilegal at inbox.org> wrote:
>>That's one advantage of insisting upon a DMCA takedown notice - now
>>the ball is in the court of the uploader, who can choose whether or
>>not it's worth the financial cost to fight.
>We can't always contact the uploader.
Fair enough.  Leave a copy of the takedown notice on his user page.  As 
much as I'm in favour of a more aggressive policy in relation to these 
alleged copyvios, I admit that we can do much less with those who don't 
want to help themselves. 


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