[WikiEN-l] Getting rid of bad fair use

sannse sannse at tiscali.co.uk
Fri May 19 18:11:41 UTC 2006

Anthony DiPierro wrote:

> I won't make any down payment, but I'd most likely be willing to sign
> such a contract.  Have Danny send me the details.

The down payment would be needed for the costs in making sure the 
contract is done right it would be a right mess if you backed out at the 
last minute.  I can't really believe in your offer if you aren't 
prepared to send a few thousand for the initial costs, not considering 
how much this /could/ cost.

But anyway, that's between you and the foundation.  I suggest you write 
to them and see if they have enough faith in your offer to take you up 
on it.

-- sannse

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