[WikiEN-l] Ok here is why Willaim Connolley and these stupid admins are messing up Wikipedia. (Hganesan)

Sean Barrett sean at epoptic.com
Fri May 19 14:28:43 UTC 2006

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Mark Gallagher stated for the record:

> G'day Peter,
>>At risk of involving myself in this matter, I have to ask what the
>>difference between rouge and rogue is. Is this simply the difference
>>between an Australian and another spelling. Because I think its
>>perfectly sensible to have a sentence that says "its great being a
>>rogue admin", but I dont see how rouge, which is in my view a colour
>>of makeup, relates to this sentence.
> Heh!  It's a long-standing Wikipedia in-joke.
> Basically:
> * A rouge admin is a good admin who is hated by trolls and
>    ne'er-do-wells.  Being "rouge" is a Good Thing, although there are
>    policy wonks who tell us it's better to treat trolls and
>    ne'er-do-wells according to process, no matter what, and that
>    rougeness is therefore not to be encouraged.

"Rouge" is a mockery of the typical troll's inability to spell.  Right
up there with "teh interweb," et alia.

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