[WikiEN-l] Should Wikipedia make it clear to users that it is not censored for minors?

Cheney Shill halliburton_shill at yahoo.com
Sun May 14 16:52:16 UTC 2006

Sean Barrett <sean at epoptic.com> wrote:

    Steve Bennett stated for the record:
    > Doing this would be common sense. But then, IMHO, so would labelling
    > individual pages that actually contained such content.

    And exactly whose POINT OF VIEW would decide which pages those were?

That sums up all the potential problems pretty well.  On top of that, by categorizing the 2++ (and lets not forget to add PG-13 and NC-17 ratings) as minor "friendly" or not, you create targets for vandals and trolls to insert naughty thoughts. 

There's already a small software industry out there doing this.  Will the schools that use this software care how Wiki marks it?  Will it actually change anything other than how much time contributors use marking and unmarking articles instead of research and writing?  I don't see any benefit to using a lot of contributor time marking things as "safe" or "naughty", not to mention the aforementioned POV wars over what is and is not naughty.~~~~Pro-Lick

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