[WikiEN-l] Should Wikipedia make it clear to users that it is not censored for minors?

Steve Bennett stevage at gmail.com
Sun May 14 16:38:54 UTC 2006

On 5/14/06, Sean Barrett <sean at epoptic.com> wrote:
> > Doing this would be common sense. But then, IMHO, so would labelling
> > individual pages that actually contained such content.
> >
> > Steve
> And exactly whose POINT OF VIEW would decide which pages those were?

Calm down, please, that makes 4 angry messages in a row you've sent.

At the risk of launching this topic again, shall I reiterate that no
one who wanted to see the images/articles (or, more precisely, no one
who wanted to see tham and had full control over their internet
access) would be prevented from seeing them. Which precise articles
were labelled in which way would then be an issue comparable with
which articles are labelled {{NPOV}} or {{verify}}.


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