[WikiEN-l] Block messages

XaosFluX xaosflux at gmail.com
Sat May 13 00:16:32 UTC 2006

The blocking templates are very helpful in most of these situations.  I 
recently updated [[MediaWiki:Blockipsuccesstext]] to include a note and link 
to the [[Category:User block templates]].  Most of these are wikified, 
written in plain english, and clear.

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> Hi,
>  I note in the previous message that the user was given the block
> message "3rr, evasion with sock" - I wonder, how could any new user
> possibly understand what that means? Wouldn't it be better to use
> plain language, even if it does mean taking slightly longer to block?
> In this case "Repeatedly undoing other people's changes to an article,
> using alternate accounts to get around having their account blocked".
> Steve
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