[WikiEN-l] What. The. Fuck??!?

Ilmari Karonen nospam at vyznev.net
Fri May 12 15:43:36 UTC 2006

Dan Rosenthal wrote:
> Cyde brings up a very very good point. What your religion may perceive
> as "mocking" and "offensive", my religion, or Cyde's, may not. I'm
> sorry but I fail to see how this is different than the Muhammed
> Cartoons: the argument there is "omg it's blasphemous and
> disrespectful to show muhammed" and here it's "omg it's blashphemous
> and disrespectful to make a cross spin around".

What's your take on the "OMG it's a big ass *animated GIF*! With extra 
blink! In a userbox!" argument?

My personal opinion on that image is that it's useful for no purpose 
other than vandalism, and ought to be speedied as such -- regardless of 
its subject matter.

Ilmari Karonen

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