[WikiEN-l] systemic bias

Raphael Wegmann raphael at psi.co.at
Mon May 8 10:18:57 UTC 2006

Cheney Shill wrote:
> Raphael Wegmann <raphael at psi.co.at> wrote:
>     Apropos rules, which are applied consistently. Please compare
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Log&type=block&page=User:
>     and
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Administrators%27_noticeboard/3RRArchive14#Reports_from_Raphael1_on_cartoon_controversy
> I see a block for censorship and another for vandalism, the other is a 3RR violation
 > for reverting it, which isn't enforced because the changes being 
reverted are rule violations.
 > This is consistent with what I've seen before, which is a nice 
change.  Because the page is
 > in fact about the comics, the comics (or a link to it if the 
copyrights were enforced) really
 > does belong on the page.

WP:BP does not mention "censorship" as a case for a block. No admin
would block anyone for removing the Goatse.cx image from the Goatse.cx
article or any porn from any porn stars article.
What rules do the reverted changes violate, so the other 3RR violations
are not enforced?

> My position on censorship is that if we permit this comic to be removed, anything critical or
 > that parodies any religion becomes subject to removal if it offends 
some of the believers.

I don't want the cartoons to be removed. I want them to be moved behind
a link. I'd wish, that Wikipedia distances itself from the incitement of 
religious hatred against any religion by either linkimaging such
examples or by putting such examples on articles like anti-Semitism or


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