[WikiEN-l] Cyde should not have violated Deletion policy (Johntex)

Ben McIlwain cydeweys at gmail.com
Thu May 4 05:34:22 UTC 2006

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John Tex wrote:
> Today, User Cyde improperly closed a AfD that had been listed for less than
> a day.  He voted to Keep it and then he closed it Keep even though the
> majority of votes were for deletion.
> Deletion Policy states "If a clear consensus for non-deletion is quickly
> reached, discussion may be closed before the end of the typical period, for
> example, a clear consensus for speedy deletion, a clear consensus for a
> speedy keep, or a consensus for a redirect. The debate should remain
> transcluded on the appropriate deletion page. *If the proposed solution has
> not achieved a very clear consensus, the listing should remain for the full
> five-day period. Any substantial debate, regardless of how lopsided the
> keep/delete count may be, implies that an early closing would be a bad idea.
> * [76]<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Deletion_policy#Early_closure>(emphasis
> mine)
> In this case, discussion was ongoing and the AfD should not have been
> closed. Cyde had even voted on the AfD prior to closing it. He was not a
> neutral party and he should not have closed this AfD even after the normal
> time period, let alone close it prematurely.

I didn't "close" the debate so much as I "canceled" it.  My "vote", as
you mention, was to cancel it ... and then a minute after that I
realized I could go through with what I said should be done.

I encourage you to restart a new Afd that is untainted from
vote-stacking and together we will all stay on top of it to make sure
that everything is legit and on the level.  The way the other one was
going, I wouldn't trust its outcome to actually be reflective of
consensus, as the POV vote-stacking was outshining everything else.

I may even be in favor of deleting this article; a lot of people I trust
have pointed out that it started as a POV fork.  But getting it deleted
through massive vote-stacking is NOT the way to let it get done.

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