[WikiEN-l] We need a policy against vote-stacking

Cheney Shill halliburton_shill at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 03:16:40 UTC 2006

Ben McIlwain <cydeweys at gmail.com> wrote:

    We cannot put up with these attempts at gaming our consensus-based
    system. Consensus doesn't work when it just becomes a numbers game of
    who can recruit the most votes. And trying to make a rational decision
    about the merits of an article when a bunch of sheeple are coming in
    mindlessly on both sides and voting without even considering the issues
    is absurd. We need to deal with this problem. We need to modify our
    policy so that it IS a blockable offense to vote-stack and game the
    - --
I've read both your and geni's responses.  I'd agree if the solution were to eliminate consensus from the system.  As it stands, there are plenty of problems with or without vote blocking and consensus:
*Anybody can vote stack easily enough outside Wiki (email, IRC, etc.).  Blocking doesn't fix that.  In fact, they can still use the built in user email with compiling AFD lists and userboxes.
*Contributors that only follow the article occasionally (less than once a week) need to be informed.  Blocking them and the notifier would be unfair.  This applies to the ongoing discussion regarding biographies, too.  Should everyone that contributes to an article be expected to follow it every day or even every week?  If they don't, the AFD will be closed in a week (maybe 1 in 1000 go much beyond a week).
*Sooner or later, groups are going to realize they can meet and decide the fate of an article without even discussing it on Wikipedia.  A politically active college group with members at many colleges could easily AFD many articles.  Short of Jimbo picking up a clue bat, they could take over Wiki with an extended effort. 
*With consensus, regardless of whether you block for stacking or not, you are turning the content on Wiki into an original research project.  Instead of verifiability/notability, AFD uses a pole, violating 2 policies in favor of a guideline that's intended for "working with others" not content.~~~~Pro-Lick

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