[WikiEN-l] The new verifiability policy

charles matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 28 14:23:27 UTC 2006

Slim Virgin wrote

> WP:V is supported by WP:NOR, a longstanding, established policy. The
> only way to show you're not doing OR is to produce a reliable source.
> If you can't produce one, your edit may be removed, because OR is
> never allowed.

Yes, but this doesn't override some other things, like trying to get 

> If we ever get into a situation where lots of editors are using NOR
> and V as an excuse to run around removing unsourced edits, where the
> material has been published elsewhere and isn't controversial, but
> those wanting to retain it are mysteriously unable to cite a source,
> then we can revisit the issue. But currently, that isn't happening
> (and how could it?) so it looks as though you're trying to create a
> problem where none exists.

Well, I hope people really are behaving well, all over the site.  I don't 
see how anyone can be that confident.

It is like it has been said: the slope of allowing the most fiercely 
contested articles set the policy is extremely slippery.  Cutting before 
querying on Talk 'and do you have a source for that?' is still bad practice 
(still cuts across 'assume good faith', for example).


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